Molten Zinc Transfer Pumps 

Zinc Tranfer Pumps

L.T. molten zinc transfer pumps, allow a quick emptying of of the tank in absolute safety and with the help of little staff.

We manufacture pumps as required up to 5.5 m. of max dipping level and 7 m. of max discharge head.

The pump requires minimal maintenance and is always ready for use.

Fifty years of experience put into your hands a safe tool available completely in AISI 316L stainless steel for heavy duty applications.

The pump can also be easily used to mix the lead from the bottom of the tank or to deoxidizes the bath. By bringing the lead in circulation the galvanizing bath becomes fluid.
The deoxidation of the bath becomes a simple and secure operation.

Each pump is built with materials that are controlled and certified suitable for contact with molten zinc.

We build pumps for lead, tin, aluminum and salts for heat treatment and for descaling stainless steel.


R180                                        R210